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Life Transitions & Divorce

Life Transitions Made Smoother

Life throws you curveballs regardless of whether you’re ready for them; we’ll help you adjust by planning out your next steps. 

We create financial plans for our clients that are adaptable and consider life events like getting married or divorced, having children, buying a home, sending kids to college, having grandkids and retiring. Life events aren't limited to these milestones, and we take great pride in being a resource to clients during unprecedented times.

Adapting to changes can be a smooth process with a confident and trustworthy financial planning team behind you. By assessing your current and anticipated needs, we’ll have a better roadmap to follow towards a brighter future.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Divorce Financial Services

Divorce is not uncommon, but it is an incredibly difficult change. During this time of upheaval we aim to be a source of clarity and direction. Questions we frequently address concerning divorce are:

  • Is there a certified divorce financial analyst in my area I should work with?
  • What happens to my credit history after a divorce or separation?
  • What are the tax implications of a divorce?
  • What are the estate planning issues that need to be handled during a divorce?
  • How could my divorce settlement change my spending habits?
Client Centered

Often clients range from those considering divorce and wondering whether they can afford it, to those planning for the future after a divorce has been finalized. Working with professionals who will provide you with legal, financial, and emotional support through the divorce process is paramount. Our goal is to make divorce as easy as possible for our clients every step of the way.  In the end, you will have learned what you own and how to manage your finances so that you can look forward to a bright and prosperous future. As a divorce financial planner, Janice provides the financial knowledge to help you make estate decisions that allow you to live the life you want.

10 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Divorce

Read our list of ten mistakes to avoid in divorce. After you have agreed to separate, we can help save your family money in the divorce process and secure your new financial future.

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